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There are always some thoughts or ideas running in our mind. But, most often we get tangled in the web of our own ideas. Juliana Khalil, the Founder and Director of Juliana Khalil Lifestyle Coaching unravels the techniques of MindMapping to help individuals and corporates declutter their mind by using the powerful technique of MindMapping.

Juliana Khalil is Tony Buzan licensed instructor in MindMapping and MBraining Coach, currently preparing her Tesol diploma. Her innovative training seminars incorporate interactive graphic technique by Tony Buzan– the inventor of MindMap, to unlock the mind’s full potential. These strategies have helped her develop and deliver powerful programs for adults, focusing on Spoken Arabic, French and English language learning, memory training, soft skills (Business Etiquette, Communication Skills, Team Building Activities), and business leadership and lately created a new Workshop titled ‘Unlocking your Mind’s Potential With Juliana’ with the ultimate goal to help individuals and entrepreneurs learning the basic skills of MindMapping and applying this technique in their daily life at a Business and personal level to reach a quick result.

Why MindMap?

  • To structure information effectively
  • To improve reading comprehension
  • To boost productivity
  • To inspire creativity
  • To improve memory and recall

Professional Trainer. Passionate Learner.

Juliana Khalil is always in hunt for learning new things. Besides her keen love for work, she enjoys yoga, meditation, reading, and traveling. Juliana Khalil also volunteers with Gulf for good as she is committed to creating a better community for everyone.

My Partners

Tony Buzan

I am very delighted to be Tony Buzan Licensed Instructor and to deliver MindMapping Workshop for individuals to become Mindmapping practionners. My profile is available in the website of Tony Buzan under the section of Middle East!


I am very proud to be a Biggerplate Partner in the UAE. This allows me to share my partners a great opportunity. You can access the amazing Biggerplate PRO benefits for a 25% discount by using my Partner Code: JKYMMY . This will give you access to over 17,000 Mind Maps that you can download, 130 Webinars Recordings showing how people use MindMapping around the world. 400 icons/images to enhance your Mind Maps and special discounts off MindMapping software purchases. Join me and over 200,000 other Biggerplate members today and learn how to get more from your MindMapping.


Creativity Wakeup

I am very grateful to collaborate with Creativity Wakeup. Creativity Wake-up offers individuals and businesses creative thinking and innovation training through their courses, coaching and consulting. Creativity Wake-up help people to advance their businesses, see new possibilities, become more resilient and solve complex problems. Creative thinking is a mindset and a skillset that can be developed. Mind mapping is a foundational skill for building creativity.


I am very proud to be an Official Reseller for Ayoa in UAE. Ayoa delivers neuro-inclusive, Ai powered mind mapping and visual task management to supercharge creativity, memory, and productivity .

My Interviews and Workshops

Interview on Dubai Eye 103.8

My interview on Dubai Eye 103.8 where we discuss MindMapping and it's benefits.

BiggerPlate Webinar

One of my many webinars with BiggerPlate.

BiggerPlate Webinar

One of my many webinars with BiggerPlate.

MindMapping For Spoken Arabic

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MindMapping For Spoken Arabic

MindMapping For Spoken Arabic

Introduction About MindMapping

Introduction about MindMapping

Where to apply MindMapping ?

Where to apply MindMapping ?

MindMapping For Children

MindMapping For Children

Unlocking Your Mind's Potential with Juliana

Unlocking Your Mind's Potential

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MindMapping For Spoken Arabic is Online

Every Mind Map has a Story

Interview with Dr Subra Mukherjee

World Productive Day, My Interview @ Dubai TV

Interview @ Dubai One TV

MindMapping Workshop

One of my many MindMapping workshops.

Interview on BIG FM 106 2

Interview on BIG FM 106.2